Best VPNs for Streaming

We have all endured that dreadful moment where we are blocked from accessing an online video or movie due to our location. Even on the largest of streaming platforms like Youtube, Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer, there is always content unavailable to certain viewers as access is restricted based on geographical location.

Due to stringent licensing agreements between streaming platforms and copyright owners, these platforms are required to block access to viewers located in certain countries. Referred to as a “geo-block” or “geo-restriction” – it is when the content you are attempting to watch is not available in your country.

If you have encountered issues with not being able to watch videos or movies because of your location then you will be happy to hear that there is a solution – one that will grant you access to any video on any platform regardless of where you are located.  With us being so heavily reliant on streaming services to watch our favourite content, it would be wise to consider a solution to ensure you never experience interruptions in the future.

Use a VPN for Content-Access and Privacy

By far, the easiest, quickest, and most effective approach to gaining access to your favourite shows is through the use of a VPN – also known as a “Virtual Private Network”. While some users will go the “changing the IP address” route, this is not the best option as your browsing privacy is not as secure as that of a VPN.

With a VPN, you will enjoy consistent access to your favourite shows while having the peace of mind of knowing your connection is one that is secure and private.

Best VPN Solutions for Streaming Videos & Movies

#1 – PureVPN

The first VPN solution that we recommend is PureVPN – a solution providing viewers with access to servers across 500+ unique geographical locations in over 140 regions. It is the best option for those on a budget that do not want to compromise connection quality. What is really beneficial about PureVPN is that security measures are top-notch as their servers are compatible with multiple protocols including IPsec, L2TIP, and PPTP.

Furthermore, their support and compatibility are second-to-none. Whether you are using an Android/iOS device, Linux, Mac or a Windows-based PC; you will be able to access the PureVPN servers to start watching all of your favourite shows! When combined with unmetered bandwidth usage – it is an excellent VPN choice to not only watch any show you want but to watch them as much as you want.

#2 – NordVPN

NordVPN is another great VPN solution for accessing your favourite shows as they provide a copious amount of IP’s and servers permitting you to change your geo-location to nearly anywhere in the world. By using it, you will finally be able to receive access to networks such as MTV, the Disney Channel, Netflix, and Hulu (just to name a few).

Don’t let your location restrict your entertainment, especially with solutions such as NordVPN being available. Unlimited bandwidth, built-in security measures, and top-notch support are all perks of using it, and with a 30-day money back guarantee you cannot go wrong.

To help keep their users browsing and information safe – they make use of multiple protocols including PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP, and even SSTP which will be used to transmit all of your browsing data to keep you safe. Unlike most other VPN solutions on the market, NordVPN caters to customers of all needs with multiple packages tailored to fit budgets of all size.

#3 – IPVanish

IPVanish is compatible with nearly all popular operating systems and devices including, but not limited to, Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac OS. Depending on your needs and special requirements, they also extend further support by permitting users to setup their VPN setting manually with configuration options for Ubuntu, Chrome Book, Windows-based phones, and even directly through your router. Furthermore, if desired, you can download one of their free SOCKS5 proxies.

They also offer three unique packages which in our opinion are some of the most affordable in the industry. You can either purchase a 1-month subscription for $10, a 3-month membership at $8.99 per month or a 1-year access plan for $6.49 per month (billed for $77.99 annually).

If you choose to test out IPVanish and for some reason find out that it is not what you are looking for, they do extend a 7-day money back guarantee so you won’t need to worry about getting yourself into a plan that you can’t back out of (if desired).

#4 – PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN offers exactly what we all desire from a VPN provider: multiple simultaneous connections (6 to be exact), a strict policy that enforces no-logging (your activity isn’t archived), and insanely quick connection speeds. To simplify the ordering process, they provide only one subscription plan which can be subscribed to for one month, 3 months, and 1 year with the 2nd and 3rd subscription option being discounted.

Reports from PrivateVPN users have mentioned that the installation of the PrivateVPN desktop software is rather speedy with taking less than a minute to complete. It has a total of 80 servers in 52 countries and hosts an ever-growing database of 4,000+ proxies.

One unique aspect of the service is that remote-support is available to customers. This is great in the event that you experience issues with the software as one of their representatives can access your PC/software to troubleshoot issues. This, in and of itself, makes them one of the best VPNs for streaming online videos as they go through the effort to ensure their customers do not experience technical issues so they always have access to their videos.

#5 – VyprVPN

VyprVPN is a highly respected and dependable Switzerland-based VPN provider. With a user-friendly interface, servers located worldwide, and encryption levels to protect all of your online data – it is a VPN solution that you will want to consider using if you have encountered issues with accessing online videos.

They provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, unmetered streaming and data usage, and access to their servers which are located in over 70 countries. With a subscription also comes the ability for you to have up to 5 of your devices connected simultaneously.

While your privacy is a concern of VyprVPN, connection logs are stored and archived for a 30-day period, so this is something to keep in mind. However, an in-house designed technology called “Chameleon” is its form of implementing VPN privacy/cloaking and permits their users to access video streaming platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube in an uncensored, safe, and private manner. The software allows you to establish a new location from many unique cities and countries and automatically encrypts your connection when connecting to unknown Wi-Fi networks (which is a handy functionality).

#6 – ExpressVPN

If you want a one-size-fits-all VPN solution that focuses on providing quality connections and cutting-edge security measures; ExpressVPN may be the choice for you so long as the expense is not an issue. Certainly, they are not the cheapest option available as subscription plans start at $12.95 per month although reach as low as $8.32 per month if you choose the 1-year subscription (which comes out to a 49% discount).

By default, when using the software to access Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube to view “any” videos you want – your connection will be made through a preselected protocol which is usually OpenVPN or UDP. However, configuration options are available to users that allow them to change the connection protocol to TDP, L2TP, SSTP, IPSec, or PPTP. While each has his benefits, overall, OpenVPN is deemed to be the most reliable which is why it is the default selection.

One aspect of ExpressVPN that we really appreciate them offering is that when there is a DNS request – they forward the request through an IPv4 protocol instead of the IPv6 that many other VPN providers use. IPv4 is much more secure than IPv6 and means you will have a more private browsing experience.  Furthermore, a built-in tool allowing you to see which servers are providing the quickest download speeds in real-time is also a nice feature. Overall, it has done a great job at bridging the gap between speed, cost, and reliability and can be recommended to those who want a reliable solution to getting around geo-blocks to watch their favourite videos online.