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The Last Taboo (Trailer)
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The Last Taboo (Trailer)

The Last Taboo conveys the touching and captivating story of six people with physical disabilities who are in a relationship with an able-bodied partner. They share their personal perspectives on affection, friendships, connection, and relationships.

The sexual needs and desires of disabled people have long been perceived as a matter of discomfort and misunderstanding. Filmmaker Alexander Freeman, who suffers from cerebral palsy, attempts to discuss, explore, and destigmatise the personal sex lives of handicapped individuals while offering them an opportunity to speak out and explain their own feelings.

In the process of making The Last Taboo, Freeman provides a clear view on the common social ideas of equality, gender, beauty, sexuality and ability. Starting from the opening sequence, his voice is introduced as the narrator. His eloquently worded explanations articulate that the physically disabled people are intelligent enough to make their adult decisions. In addition to the filmmaker himself, five wheelchair-bound people who are suffering from congenital vertebrae disorders share their experience on life and sexuality in this documentary.

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