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The Secret (Trailer)
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The Secret (Trailer)

The Secret explains the law that governs all people’s lives and teaches them how to purposely create, with minimum effort, a life full of joy. Produced by Rhonda Byrne and directed by Drew Heriot, it emphasises how the Law of Attraction can be successfully applied in people’s lives. It features interviews with some of the most prominent personalities in medicine, psychology, business, science and history.

The film recounts how the most outstanding individuals discovered the key ingredient of success and achieved immortality in the realm of human endeavour. Examples of such people include Galileo, Beethoven, Edison, Einstein, Napoleon, Lincoln and Carnegie. The self-help documentary stresses that any person can overcome any challenge, including disease, and achieve power, strength, health, abundance and perfect peace.

The Secret identifies the central principle that can assist people to attain their goals and lead happy and fulfilling lives. It provides a technique for thinking and taking the right actions as demonstrated by the most accomplished people in the history of mankind. The salient message in the film is that if people desire to improve their health, become rich or improve their relationships, the power is in their hands.

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