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Trader (Trailer)

Prior to the 21st century and the economic instability that seems so common nowadays, the world of stock trading was an exciting, unpredictable, every-man-for-himself playground for the best and the brightest. Covering the years before the 1987 stock market crash, Trader provides a behind-the-scenes look at the wild frontier that was the stock market and what those who played their luck every day imagined the future might look like.

Paul Tudor Jones II, one of the few men to predict and profit off of the 1987 crash, explores the frantic, breakneck pace of the then-current stock market. He looks at America’s 200-year bull market, analyses its causes, and predicts a soon and devastating end to this run. The economic changes that Jones predicts are easily seen in the current financial market, which makes Trader an even more fascinating look into the minds behind the trading market.

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