The Impossible Quiz

What is the Impossible Quiz?

The Impossible Quiz is a fun and challenging 110-question quiz game that requires lateral thinking. Many questions make use of double-meanings and puns, forcing the player to think out-of-the-box to progress. The player will come across many surprises through the game, including mini-games, mazes and questions requiring intense logic.

How to Play

Most questions are presented with four options, only one of which is the correct answer. The player has three lives, and loses one for each mistake made. The game also provides seven “Skips” along the way, which allows the player to skip questions. However, all seven skips are required to pass the final question, so using even a single skip will make the quiz impossible to beat.


The Impossible Quiz was developed by Splapp-Me-Do and originally released in 2007 as a Flash game. It became highly popular due to its challenging and lateral-thinking nature. With the deprecation of Flash, the game was re-released using HTML5 in 2019.

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