Amish: A Secret Life
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Amish: A Secret Life

Amish: A Secret Life provides a revealing glimpse into the life of a family within the Amish religious community of Pennsylvania. Known for their insular and simple lifestyles, David and Miriam, whose family are the starring cast in this BBC documentary, are ‘Old Order’ Amish. The use of technology, including photography and filming, is strictly forbidden by church elders. Despite this, the family takes the risk of allowing outsiders to film their lives and activities.

Despite other Amish being reluctant to be filmed, they eventually permit the camera crew to record their daily lives as well. Aspects of day-to-day living are shown such as cooking, cleaning, going to church, and family time. This new willingness to open up to technology and change unveils that the Amish community is attempting to become more accepting towards outsiders.

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