Britney: For the Record
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Britney: For the Record

Britney: For the Record documents 60 days in the life of American singer, celebrity, and performing superstar Britney Spears capturing her much-publicised meltdown and follows her return to the music spotlight.

Britney welcomes the camera crew into her life a day before she is set to attend the 2008 MTV VMAs, probing her personal and professional life with a series of intimate and revealing questions.

Footage reveals the inner workings of America’s most famous celebrity following her as she makes her appearance at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, working in the recording studio on her 6th studio album, Circus, and on-set video shoots of Britney making music videos for singles “Womanizer” and “Circus”.

Director Phil Griffin masterfully weaves the documentary through Britney’s past and her personal struggles and provides fans with insight into how the star used her art and passion for dancing and music to overcome her darkest days in the spotlight.

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