That Sugar Film
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That Sugar Film

That Sugar Film follows self-imposed test subject Damon Gameau as he experiences the side-effects a traditional, high-sugar diet on an otherwise healthy body.

Prior to the film, he followed a diet of no refined sugar. The upcoming birth of his child transforms his curiosity into a need to understand the effects of hidden sugar. With no consistent council from the medical community, he decided to take this upon himself.

To do so, he adopts the basic modern ‘healthy’ diet. This apparently entails 160 grams, or 40 teaspoons, of daily sugar. While adopting his new sugar intake to reflect society, he maintains his usual daily caloric intake. This experience sends his body reeling into the negative effects that sugar has on the body. In gritty detail, he shows his new expanded waistline, general fatigue, memory fog, and fatty liver disease!

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