Detox or Die
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Detox or Die

Detox or Die is a personal, in-depth look at one man’s struggle with addiction and his determination to free himself from a prison of his own making. David Graham Scott directs and stars in this brutally honest examination of the impact that addiction has on a life and the relentless hold it can take on a person’s every waking moment.

Desperate to break his ongoing reliance on drugs, Scott embarks on a controversial, highly dangerous, and potentially lethal program that promises to completely cure him of his addiction within thirty-six hours.

Detox or Die follows Scott for more than five years as he wrestles with his addiction and then ultimately makes the life-threatening decision to undertake this extremely risky procedure. The documentary sees him struggle with the excruciating pain of withdrawal and the enormous mental burden created by Scott’s decision to endure the crucible of detoxification.

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