Cocaine Cowboys 2
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Cocaine Cowboys 2

Cocaine Cowboys 2 is a sequel to the popular documentary Cocaine Cowboys discussing the cocaine outbreak occurring during the early 1990s. Cocaine Cowboys 2 focuses on Griselda Blanco, a Colombian drug lord widely known as the ‘Cocaine Godmother’, and one of her drug dealers and lovers, Charles Crosby. Crosby narrates much of the documentary discussing his relationship with Blanco and detailing her story.

Crosby started as a small-time dealer in Oakland and first wrote to Blanco while she was imprisoned. As their relationship became stronger, Blanco had named Crosby as one of the top people of her crime syndicate. Crosby details much of Blanco’s rise to power and how here ruthlessness led her to become head of one of the top drug cartels in Columbia. As she faced more serious charges their relationship began to fade. Blanco was eventually deported from the United States after the completion of her sentence.

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