The Sex Chamber
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The Sex Chamber

The Sex Chamber follows the crimes of David Parker Ray, a suspected serial killer and known torturer of women. Parker Ray was a mechanic, a father-of-two, and generally seen as a kind, intelligent, upstanding citizen. But he used his intelligence for a disturbing cause.

For over 40 years, Parker Ray sexually tormented women from New Mexico and Arizona. During that time, he is believed to have kidnapped, raped and murdered countless women. Dubbed the ‘Toy-Box Killer’, he constructed a sound-proof , windowless trailer containing all kinds of terrifying torture devices. He died in prison, after having been convicted of the abduction and torture of only three of his victims. Parker Ray was able to keep his operation a secret, and was not on the authorities’ radar until 1999, when a young, nude woman was found wearing chains and screaming for help.

The filmmakers speak with a key witness for Parker Ray’s prosecution, his defence attorney and the investigators who first found the torture chamber where he trapped many of his victims.

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