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The Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the world’s most popular suicide spots. Originally constructed in order to connect Marin Country with San Francisco, it has become a legendary point of departure for people who are determined to end their lives.

Filmed over the course of a year, The Bridge not only reveals the breathtaking scenes and spectacular beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge, but it also captures a number of suicides. It features interviews with the friends and family of some of the people identified to have leapt from the bridge, revealing their harrowing personal stories including struggling with depression, mental illness, and substance abuse etc.

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Comment (13)

  1. I’m confused. Was Gene caught on a camera that was just set up there or was someone actually filming this? If so… they couldn’t have contacted someone in the couple of hours he seemed to be debating this??

    1. They actually did contact the appropriate people quite a few times. From the Wikipedia page:

      Filmmakers tried in each case to intercede when they could, succeeding in preventing six jumps. The crew members were trained in suicide prevention prior to filming,[11] and had their phones programmed to call the bridge authority if they suspected someone was about to jump. “All of us came to the same conclusion that we were human beings first and filmmakers second,” Steel said.[6] However, in most cases there was either no warning or no time to prevent the jump.[13][14][15][16]

      1. Interesting. Maybe they missed this one cause I’m pretty sure the doc said he was pacing back and forth for over 90 minutes.

        1. It may well be that they didn’t call anyone precisely because he had been walking back-and-forth for so long. One of the main reasons that jumping is not high on the list of the ways people commit suicide is because it is not, in any way, “spontaneous.” A gun, a noose, pills, can be done in a fit of sweeping depression quite quickly. It takes time to get yourself to the place from which you have chosen to jump, and that gives you time to think and, perhaps, reconsider. Perhaps they saw him and thought he was doing just that, thinking it over. Those who have gotten to the point of to getting to that place to kill themselves but chose not to, almost all say that this is what happened. They went there fully intending to jump, but in the time it took them, the more “rational” (and I use that term rather loosely) side of them took over.

          1. There was a film crew and given that if they saw someone “Sizing up the bridge, then someone should have been at the bridge? See I think that from the start the beginning of this movie starts with that man wlking across the bridge.

            After noticing the guy several times I bet the filmmaker wanted to see what would happen and allowed the suicide to happen.

        1. UH, no. From reading psychological journals and having conversations with a PhD in psychology who has had studies on suicide published in such journals. Nice try with the Wikipedia jab.

          1. I am NOT “trying” anything and since I also know individuals who have Phds surely you can understand my skepticism at others who post unsubstantiated information. What Psychological journal? I have DSM4

      2. Yeah I don’t believe that he did. In fact the only successful intervention I saw was when the phot6ographer prevented that young woman from, Jumping.

    2. I believe that there was someone there at certain points because this was a feature length movie that has a camera crew.

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