Among the Believers
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Among the Believers

Among the Believers is a illustrates the radical beliefs of the Red Mosque in Pakistan and their dedication to a holy war against those in their country who do not align with their beliefs.

The film follows Abdul Aziz Ghazi who preaches jihad to his followers and aims to fulfill his goal of implementing Sharia law throughout Pakistan. To counterpoint his crusade, the documentary also addresses the movement initiated by Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy to end Aziz’s culture of violence and calls for the radical’s arrest after the massacre of over 100 children.

To further juxtapose the two opposing views, the film also shows the paths of two young Pakistanis brought up under the Red Mosque’s tutelage. The featured young man, Talha, pursues a life of jihadism and martyrdom for his cause while the featured young woman, Zarina, finds her schooling in jeopardy due to the holy war.

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