Hot Girls Wanted
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Hot Girls Wanted

Hot Girls Wanted follows the lives of several young women who have entered the sex trade, demonstrating how simple it is for the internet-savvy generated to produce amateur pornography. Produced by Rashida Jones and directed by Ronna Gradus & Jilly Bauer, this fascinating documentary is a behind-the-scenes look at the pervasiveness of young adult pornography.

Interviewing a group of women aged between eighteen and twenty-five, the filmmakers tell the story of how the soaring demand for pornographic material featuring younger women attracts thousands into amateur porn. As they find out, amateur porn is a thriving business that cuts across the realms of both forced sex trade and a disintegrating society. As much as some girls will be unwilling coerced into making amateur pornography, there is a proliferation of web savvy, independent young women who are in it for the money and in pursuit of sexual adventure. What are some of the implications of this? Is there a long term solution or panacea to this? Hot Girls Wanted sheds some crucial light on these issues.

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