My Small Breasts and I
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My Small Breasts and I

My Small Breasts and I uncovers the poignant, complex, and at times amusing relationship that women have with their small breasts. Speaking candidly, three women disclose how they actually feel about their own breasts and bodies and the extents to which they will go to change their situation.

Kate Bailey is 22 and too afraid to go out since she thinks everybody is looking at her. However, when she gets an opportunity to visit a phototherapist in New York, she summons the courage to drag herself out to purchase some new clothes, and her flight does not seem to daunt her too much.

Sharon Tan, 28, is another small-chested woman and seems to be one of the most well-adjusted people in this film. It is not clear whether this is because she is a naturally laid back character, or if it is due to having a boyfriend who is besotted with her.

Laura Taylor has always wanted a boob job from when she was 14 but cannot afford it. She has discovered a site where men are willing to help towards the cost in return for emails and photos from her. Faced with this possible source of income, Laura visits a doctor to delve into her breast implant options, and watches as a new-found friend is undergoes breast enlargement procedure.

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