Human Nature
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Human Nature

Human Nature takes a look at CRISPR, a gene-editing process developed in 2013, and the possible implications of the technology’s widespread use. With CRISPR, it may be possible to treat genetic diseases, thereby eliminating the suffering of individuals who have them.

Other possible uses for CRISPR are much more controversial. Some fear that if CRISPR becomes widely available, parents and others will put the technology to more frivolous uses, like altering an individual’s height.

Although heavily focused on what this technology means for the future, the film attempts to address the questions it raises about human nature and evolution with responses grounded in years of history. The filmmakers also draw heavily on the experiences of the scientists behind CRISPR, the medical professionals implementing the technology in their work, and the patients that hope to benefit from gene editing.

Provocative yet empathetic, Human Nature wrestles with tough questions about morality while providing valuable insight into the possible biotechnologies of the future.

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