My Penis and I
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My Penis and I

My Penis and I follows the story of Lawrence Barraclough, a 27-year old man whose penis measures just 3.5 inches when fully erect. Bearing in mind that the average man’s erection is over 5 inches, this has largely affected his sex life to the extent of avoiding sex for over three years.

Lawrence conducts several interviews to try and find out different perspectives on the size of his penis. Some of the people he interviews include pornstars, a consultant urologist, his female friends, Cynthia Plaster Caster, other men and even his girlfriend. His main objective is to find out their opinion on penis size and if it matters.

My Penis and I addresses one of the main fears that most men in the society silently go through. With large penis sizes being complimented all over the world, it is normal for some men to feel insecure about their size and question whether they are adequate. But does size really matter? This documentary seeks to answer that question.

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