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Objectified delves into the complex relationship people have with manufactured goods and the people who create them. It looks at the people who design these objects and how much the objects are used in people’s daily lives. The film features designers from all over interviewed from places like Paris, Tokyo, London and New York. It also speaks to representatives from large manufacturing companies such as IDEO and Apple.

Objectified explores how the objects that people surround themselves with tell us about their passions. Interviews with the top product designers around the world expand on the creativity, sustainability and consumerism involved in the processes. These designers reinvent the way people live their daily lives. The average person uses hundreds of objects throughout the day. Has anyone ever thought about who designed these objects? Can an object’s design affect lives negatively or positively? This in-depth look at the manufacturing side of consumerism will make people look at their objects in a different light.

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