The Alternativity
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The Alternativity

The Alternativity chronicles a project by British street artist Banksy and Hollywood director Danny Boyle to stage a nativity play at a hotel in Bethlehem near the West Bank wall.

In the storied city of Bethlehem, Banksy finds that his hotel and the city’s people need a festive upgrade. Torn between the tension of Israel and Palestine, Christmas itself seems to be at war. Even the artist’s Walled Off hotel finds no peace. With an Israeli watchtower monitoring the nearby occupied territories, his hotel gives its tenants no break from their reality.

To provide relief and bring light to the situation, Banksy calls upon Danny Boyle. Flying across the world to Bethlehem, the Hollywood director is given the charge to build a nativity play. With the stakes set high, Christmas must be saved in the little town of Bethlehem.

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