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Directed by Daniel Lindsay and T. J. Martin, Undefeated portrays the daily struggles of the Manassas Tigers of Memphis, a high school American football team, who are looking for a victory after successive years of losing.

The documentary is an immersive journey into the narrative of the inner-city kids, who struggle to pull themselves out of the desperate living situations played out within dangerous inner-city neighbourhoods. Their only hope is to find value and solace in the lessons taught by team sports.

Spanning events that evolve throughout the championship season, things begin to turn around for the team with the introduction of coach Bill Courtney, who provides inspiration and commitment and helps transform the severely underfunded team.

The film provides a gripping and astonishing access into the lives of the players, delving into the psyche of survival, and following the powerful journey that pulls the players from the dangers of the streets and into the championship spotlight.

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