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Capitalism: A Love Story

Capitalism: A Love Story is a documentary film by director Michael Moore that focuses on the late-2000s financial crisis. It examines the social costs of prioritising corporate interests and profits at the expense of the public good. Among the issues discussed are Wall Street’s casino mentality, bankers’ influence in Washington DC, the large volume of home repossessions, corporate-owned life insurance, private ‘for-profit’ prisons, poverty-level wages, and the consequences of wanton greed.

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  • anupam das

    this movie failed because it was too subjective, it didn’t have the obvious objective. Besides this negative review, The Flyntt Michigan one and the “where do we invade next” is probably the best documentaries ever. If only they could all be done like that. There has to be an obvious objective before going in. That’s what makes his two documentaries the best ever. The point is too clear.

  • Jerry Vandelei

    Excellent movie , clear objective = expose a history of crony capitalism & profiteering in the US; with a connection to the fall of Rome. Michael Moore provides truth and humor in this eye opening documentary.