40 Weeks
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40 Weeks

Every woman’s pregnancy is a different story. 40 Weeks takes an intimate look into what happens during each week of the pregnancy. It features stories from various different women, all with different lifestyles, backgrounds, relationships, and financial statuses. Documenting the weekly journey of many different pregnant women, the film explores the many ups and downs of their experiences.

40 Weeks is split into three sections, as a way to represent all three trimesters of pregnancy. It features interviews with many different women, but mainly focuses on the journey of three particular women: Liz, Emily, and Victoria. Each mom-to-be gives an insight into the physical and psychological changes they are going through.

This documentary goes through all the things women experience throughout pregnancy. It captures every moment from the time a mother finds out they’re expecting to the final delivery, with every bump along the way.

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