Child of Rage
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Child of Rage

Child of Rage follows the story of disturbed child Beth Thomas as she receives psychiatric treatment. It includes interviews with herself, her family, experts in the field and footage from her home life. A traumatic childhood left Beth emotionally scarred, violent and wanting to hurt those around her, just as she was hurt by her biological parents. After being taken in by a loving home, her adoptive parents struggled to handle her outbursts and threats to kill. This documentary reveals her troubled mind and the painful recovery process.

Child of Rage showcases just how damaged children can become from such a young age if they are abused. Beth Thomas was one of the worst cases of ‘reactive attachment disorder’ according to her therapist. Many people saw her mental health as untreatable but now as an adult, Beth is healthy, stable and a registered nurse, helping children with conditions similar to her’s previously.

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