Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Following Joe Cross for sixty days as an overweight man looking for a way to be happy in life, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is a touching story of a man who wants others to realise that there is always time for a change. He battles autoimmune disease and steroid injections that have led to his obesity. After speaking with doctors and health clinics about his goals and how he can lose weight, he soon learns that he is on the journey alone as there is little that anyone can do to help.

As Cross travels across the country, he carries a juicer and a generator with him so that he can prepare healthy drinks and meals. For sixty days, Cross plans to consume fresh fruits and vegetables and no fatty foods that could add more weight to his body. When he meets Phil Staples in a truck stop, he soon learns that there is more to life than how much you weigh and that there are people who are on the same journeys in life.

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