H.O.P.E: What You Eat Matters
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H.O.P.E: What You Eat Matters

H.O.P.E: What You Eat Matters seeks to find solutions to the issues faced by Western society, such as obesity, cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes and cancer, by exploring dietary habits. With meat consumption having risen significantly over the past 50 years, author and filmmaker Nina Messinger travels through to several countries to better understand the consequences of a meat-based diet. She meets with experts in nutrition, medicine, science, and agriculture, as well as farmers and people who have recovered from severe illnesses through diet change.

H.O.P.E: What You Eat Matters is a thought-invoking documentary that exposes the truth behind the effects of the Western diet which is high in animal-based foods. Through unsettling images and first account stories, the film challenges the ideals of the pharmaceutical and agricultural industry and calls for everyone to become more aware of what a meat-based diet is doing to the body and to the environment.

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