Nanook of the North
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Nanook of the North

Nanook of the North is a silent documentary filmed and produced by Robert J. Flaherty which follows the everyday lives of an Inuit family in the Canadian Arctic. Set in the northern Quebec province, the film stars Nanook, his wife Nyla and their children as they undertake day-to-day tasks which require fortitude and perseverance in order to survive the frozen wilds of the North.

Some of the most popular scenes include the building of an igloo, visiting the local trading post, and hunting a walrus. The igloo construction demonstrates the need for community and importance of cohesion as Nanook and his family work together.

Visiting the trade post juxtaposes the clashing cultures of the Inuits and the Western world as Nanook brings furs and skins to exchange for flashy goods such as a gramophone. The ultimate demonstration of the Eskimo culture is captured in the riveting walrus hunting scene and brings to life the challenges faced by this snow-bound people.

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