The Hacker Wars
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The Hacker Wars

Adopting the label hacktivist, referring to a hacker that uses obtained information for an activist cause, three young men set out to disrupt the fate of freedom and privacy surrounding the internet. Toeing the legal and moral rules of society, the three hacktivists quickly become entangled with the US Government, facing in some cases life sentences and the ire of the FBI.

The three hacktivists are Barrett Brown, Jeremy Hammond, and Andrew Aurenheimer. Former journalist turned propagandist Barrett Brown begins his work with Anonymous, a syndicate of various hacktivists. Codenamed Anarchaos, Jeremy Hammond, recently relieved from the top the FBI’s Most Wanted list begins his decade long prison term. With a vendetta against corporations, Andrew Aurenheimer goes by the handle weev. The Hacker Wars unveils the thrilling hacktivist lifestyle and perspective in gritty detail.

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