Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story
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Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story

Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story explores the stories surrounding one of the most famous sporting scandals of all time. It dives into the life, career, successes, accusations, testimonies, lies, cheating, and other intriguing facets of disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong’s unbelievable story. It investigates the rises and falls, and the truth and lies of this nearly inconceivable story.

With huge reveals from former friends, acquaintances, and even past team members, this BBC film documents the truth behind Armstrong’s infamous disparagement, one that drove millions of cancer sufferers to view and idolise him as a miraculous cancer-surviving icon. Sifting through details about drugs, bullying, cheating and more, director Alex Holmes meticulously uncovers the truth behind one of the most incredible and tragic sports dupes in history.

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