The Nature of Existence
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June 17th, 1994

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The Nature of Existence

In the perpetual human tradition, filmmaker Roger Nygard decides to seek out the answers to life’s grandest questions. His travels bring him to the broadest range of people he can find around the world. This award winning documentary delivers his findings in a though-provoking and endearing journey across cultures and classes, belief systems and experiences.

The Nature of Existence is the culmination of Nygard’s attempt to make sense of the great philosophical questions that divide humanity. Nygard, a director with a long and diverse resume, composed a list of his eighty five toughest questions in existence, divided under such headings as Religion, Truth, Science, Suffering, Free Will, Sin and Sex. From renowned biologists and physicists to spiritual leaders from across the entire religious spectrum, from Christian wrestlers to Tibetan monks to Stonehenge Druids, he takes those questions to the ends of the earth. By accruing such a diverse collection of perspectives, he seeks to bring greater depth to a conversation as old as humanity.

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