The Real Chernobyl
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The Real Chernobyl

The Real Chernobyl seeks to expose the story of what happened during Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Pripyat, Ukraine on 28 April, 1986 from the perspective of those who lived through it. Once a thriving Soviet city with great housing and facilities for employees of the nuclear plant, Pripyat was forever changed on that fateful day when a malfunctioning reactor caused a huge steam explosion, resulting in the worst nuclear accident in history.

Sky News travels to Ukraine to get a first-hand account of the events. Amongst those interviewed are Oleksiy Breus, a control operator at the nuclear plant, and Igor Pismensky, a helicopter pilot who at the time delivered decontamination materials. These first-hand accounts offer a harrowing perspective of the unfortunate events of that day.

The documentary brings the entire Chernobyl story back to life, providing an eye-opening glimpse into the pain experienced by those impacted by the tragedy. The information given is engaging, intriguing and emotional for all who remember and want to remember this event.

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