Cults: Dangerous Devotion
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Cults: Dangerous Devotion

The mysterious world of cults has long been an object of fear and fascination, with many new groups emerging year in and year out. Cults: Dangerous Devotion is a journey into this dark and dangerous world, revealing what attracts followers to them, and what makes them stay. It is a behind-closed-doors look into a secret world that’s both enthralling and dreading, where faith and devotion give way to despair and desperation.

Featuring archive footage and insights from religious experts and top psychologists, this documentary examines the behaviour of cult leaders such as Jim Jones and Charles Manson, their practices, and how they embroil followers into the worlds of obsession, power, and even death.

Through interviews with survivors and parents who already have lost their children to the cults, Cults: Dangerous Devotion an eye-opener into the underlying reasons behind followers’ attraction to cults.

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